Bridget’s career began on the receiving end of a sales call. She spent her early years at Gap Inc. negotiating the pricing and terms of multi-million dollar contracts in Purchasing and Real Estate.

She spent 17 years on the receiving end of those calls, and it is that experience that shaped her future: Bridget won’t rest until a deal works in both directions – for the buyer and the seller.

Bridget left the predictability of a corporate role for the variety and challenge of sales. She made the move in 2002 and she’s never looked back. Her success in developing selling strategies spans a wide range of industries including SaaS, products and services in energy, real estate, healthcare, financial services technology and retail.

There are few people more determined to capture and uncover the critical details necessary to shape the selling of the product and process than Bridget Meehan. She brings analysis and research into every assignment, and matches her intellectual preparation with a love of winning. Bridget challenges her clients to apply the same intellectual rigor to their own product, its past and its potential. Every number tells a story, and Bridget finds a way to help senior executives see what’s possible when someone approaches selling as a conversation where everyone wins.