“As VP of Sales of a financial services company I was faced with a multifaceted problem. I was tasked with creating a market for a new service, using an inexperienced sales team, with a sales approach that was not getting the results needed to meet the company’s expansion goals. I retained Sandbridge Partners to help me increase the professionalism of my team by implementing their methodology and then working alongside me to test our market assumptions by actually initiating the sales process with a selected group of prospects. Within weeks, Sandbridge Partners had trained my team and worked closely with them on this new approach. Even more impressive was the fact that the hands-on selling the Sandbridge team undertook with the selected accounts increased the average sale by 400% and the close ratio by 150%. My team saw that Sandbridge Partners’ approach did indeed work and they became believers, and fully embraced this new way of selling.”

John P. McElwee
VP of Sales
Midsize Financial Services Company