"During the early stage of our company’s growth, our sales approach was not fully developed. Any significant new opportunities required heavy involvement by our senior executive team. While that approach was working, it limited the speed of our market penetration. We retained Sandbridge Partners because of their reputation for moving quickly and professionally. Within days they had met with our executives and sales team, used their methodology to gain an understanding of our service and our market, and developed call scripting and strategies for our review. During the second week they were calling on prospects and qualifying opportunities. By reporting what they were learning during their actual sales calls, they were able to help us refine our technical presentations and tailor them to different types of prospects with different needs. At the end of the engagement, when Sandbridge turned the effort back over to our in-house team, we had a repeatable and effective sales methodology, a full set of sales messages, and a qualified pipeline. Sandbridge lived up to their reputation for professionalism, quick response and results."

Joe Helfrich
Executive Vice President
Aklero Risk Analytics, Inc.