Scott’s professional career spans more than thirty years as a senior sales executive at international corporations and as a successful entrepreneur

His resume and client list include Marriott Corporation, Safeguard Scientifics, Microsoft, Rockwell Software, J.D. Power and Associates, and many others whose names you would recognize and whose products and services you likely use.

Like many of the clients he serves, Scott Sander is an entrepreneur. He knows how it feels to ask early investors for more time or additional funding while a product or service becomes a success. After leading several start-ups to maturity, Scott knows that a great product deserves an even better sales strategy. He reaches into parallel networks to find important customers whose endorsements attract others to a new vertical market. Complex selling expertise for Scott has resulted in a book of business built over time – across industries including hospitality, technology, energy, human performance management and commercial real estate.

Scott isn’t one to tell clients tall tales of his own success. Clients hire Scott when they notice how much he’s listening – and how quickly he’s learning about their company and where they need to go. It’s through listening and insight that Scott has built his successful consulting practice. He understands his clients’ capabilities and can chart a course where the company will find its market and their profits will grow.